Tips for your portrait

We want to capture your image.

Think about if you want that image to be casual, business-casual, or more formal and then choose the look you want.

Choose your wardrobe, accessories, hair and makeup that best illustrate your personality. We recommend choosing the tried and true.

  • How do you usually present yourself?
  • What do you feel fantastic in?
  • What do you often receive complements in?

Things to think about:


It is important to choose an outfit you feel good in and will work well.

You want to ensure your face will be the focal point of the image, so it is best to choose solids or subtle prints that will not distract.

Consider how your top/shirt frames your face.

Avoid bright white and dark black, which can appear as distractingly flat in the image

Avoid bulky clothing (heavy sweaters)

You may wish to avoid bare arms, as they may appear pale under the studio lighting.

  • Darks and mid-tones work well.
    (eg. grey, black, brown, blue, etc.)

  • V-necks, round neck tops to frame your face

  • If you are undecided, bring a few choices with you


Wardrobe- Group Shot

Items of clothing should complement each other but do not have to be matching.

The important thing is not to have any one person ‘stand out from the crowd’.

  • a complete outfit (head to toe) so that you will be ready no matter what the arrangement captures.

  • bring a few choices with you



Hairstyles should be simple.  
  • Hairstyles are best off the face, in order to highlight your facial features.



Make-up / Grooming

Prepare for your portrait sitting in advance.

We do recommend foundation for women to even out your skintone.



  • Foundation can be applied a little heavier for studio lighting. Blend it well at the jaw-line so that there is no delineation between the face and the neck.

  • Eye makeup should also be well blended (avoid sharp lines between colours or white highlights)


  • Shave as late as possible before the sitting to avoid “five o’clock shadow,” but if you have sensitive skin, you may wish to shave earlier in the day to avoid redness.

Accessories / Glasses


If your eyewear is part of your image them it is probably better to wear them for your portrait.

Keith Penner will attempt to avoid reflections but removing the lenses may be the ultimate solution.

  • accessories and glasses should complement your personality and features

  • bring a few choices with you to coordinate with different wardrobe choices or to best complement others in your group shot
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