Things to think about

Having your portrait taken is just one step of the experience.

Before you begin, you may want to consider your options and objectives throughout the process. Knowing what you want to accomplish ahead of time is helpful. Share your ideas and decisions with Keith Penner and he will work with you to ensure your final product meets your expectations.

We are glad you are choosing Keith Penner Photography and we trust the following list will help guide you.


Why am I having this portrait taken?

What is this portrait sitting about?

Are you commemorating a personal achievement or significant event?



Is this a single sitting or a group portrait?



Portraits can have 'secret' meaning, a personal memory can be incorporated just for you. Book your portrait on a special day or invite some special people in your life to join you and make it a group sitting.

You can always have single shots of the group done within your time allotted for the sitting.


Is the date and time of the sitting significant?

or important?


Is the date you book the shoot for significant? (a birthday, anniversary, etc.)

Do you want to make a day of it? Consider the time of your shoot, if want lunch, dinner or a get-together afterwards, or want a hair appointment beforehand.

Know the individuals in your group and book the best time of day for them.


This can make your finished artwork even more significant. (ie. an anniversary shot at the time you were first married).

If the portrait is a single or group shot, why not make it a memorable experience and enjoy the day in the Bloor/Yorkville neighbourhood.

If there are small children in your group, you may wish to book a morning appointment (before they get tired). Parents will know when their children are at their peak time of day.


Is there a mood/style I want to capture?




You may have some ideas about the type of image you want

You may also consider taking your sitting time and number of shots and doing a couple of different looks or styles


Casual or formal?


Something you have always wanted to try?

Is there some interaction you would like to capture?


Who is this portrait for?


This may be just for yourself -- and your choices will be easy.

If the portrait is a gift for someone else, you may wish to think about where they might display the finished piece.


Create something specifically for your audience. Is there something special you would like to portray in this portrait, for someone special?

Maybe it's not one image you are after, maybe a grouping of images would be effective.


Will I be sharing this image with others, if so whom?


Could a framed portrait make a great gift for an upcoming holiday, anniversary or birthday?  




Do I have a deadline for my final order?



Do you need the framed artwork for an event at your home?

If it is a gift for a special occasion?

Does it require shipping?

this too must be accomodated.


Where will I hang/display my portrait?

You may want a finished piece of art to provide a focal point for a specific room in your home.

Will the portrait be displayed in an intimate space, or more public space?

Are there other objects, art, or interior elements that need to be taken into consideration?


Could a framed portrait make a great gift for an upcoming holiday, anniversary or birthday? What is the style of the interior space of your recipient?

Do you know the size of the finished piece you are looking for?

Does the frame need to complement an existing style of an established grouping?



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