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Single/Couples Portraits


A grouping of one or two people.

Portraits are for personal use only.1


Your choice of locations:

  • In the studio
  • Toronto Location Shoot
  • Out-of-town Location Shoot


All work is custom.



Portraits have many facets and applications:Personal portraits capture an individual in a moment in their life.

Portraits have the ability to illustrate our personalities. They can "secretly" commemorate the day they are taken (an event, a goal achieved; whatever is important to you). They become treasured keepsakes that bring to life our memories of that time.

Portraiture is personal artwork. It is an experience of limitless creativity and options. Design it for you, or to enhance a space in your home or office. It can make a wonderful, heartfelt gift.

Enjoy the experience of a professional sitting now and the finished art for years to come.


Process and Details Information and Obligations

Contact Keith Penner Photography to book a preliminary appointment, or we can discuss your needs via telephone

2. At this meeting we will listen to your needs, discuss ideas and you'll have the opportunity to view our portfolio.
3. We will get your information as well as those who may be joining you and set a date and time of the shoot.
  • a $75 cancellation deposit is required at the time of booking
  • balance is due at the time of sitting

On the day of the shoot please arrive a few minutes early.

  • appointment may be rescheduled once, with 48 hours notice, without charge
5. A proofing one-hour meeting is arranged, at your convenience, approximately one week following the sitting, to view your proofs and place your print order.
  • one, 1-hour proofing/order appointment is included
  • a minimum print/frame order is $300
  • payment in full is required with all work ordered
6. Delivery or pick-up (to be arranged) of finished orders in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.
  • normal turnaround time for finished orders is 4 to 6 weeks
  • rush orders are subjet to additional charges
  • Negatives and proofs remain the property of "Keith Penner Photography"


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