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Gift Certificates & Gift Ideas


Gift Certificates



Gift Ideas


We are happy to provide a gift certificate for any occasion.

What a gift!

A special experience that culminates in a personal piece of art. It's really up to the individual, but you are giving them a creative, memorable opportunity to express themselves at this time in their life.

Consider it the perfect gift for:

  • Accomplishing a personal goal
  • A special birthday
  • Anniversary
  • A new home
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth of a child / adoption
  • Promotion
  • A new pet
  • expressing your appreciation


Portraits have the ability to illustrate our personalities, but they can also:

"secretly" commemorate the day they are taken (an event, a goal achieved; whatever is important to the individual). They become treasured keepsakes that bring to life our memories of that time.

be personal artwork. It is an experience of limitless creativity and options. Designed for your personal pleasure, or to enhance a space in your home or office. It makes a wonderful, heartfelt gift.

capture a group of people connected in a moment in their life and express the relationships we share.

Give the experience of a professional sitting now and a art piece for years to come.


We can arrange a personalized gift certificate including a sitting, print, and matting and framing.

The choice is yours.




Portraits are a gift that is treasured.

Personal art that reminds us of our personal stories.


Popular Choices

Birth Triptych - three images, one frame

A triptych that celebrates the miracle. A popular choice for today's Moms and Moms-to-be. Photo sittings include any three stages of the pregnancy and/or after birth.

A fantastic gift for the Mom to be!

Big and Bold - framed art

For today's design conscious interiors. Large scale images that make an impact. Consider 'anonymous' portraits: you in a crowd, a favourite streetscape, restaurant...the possibilities are endless.

Pet Portraits

Capture the personality of the one who adds so much pleasure everyday to your life.


Beautiful, artistic, sculptural impressions of the classic expression of the human form. Let us create personal art for your bedroom or spa bath.


  Process and Details   Information and Obligations
1. Contact Keith Penner to discuss your needs via telephone.  
  • Negatives and proofs remain the property of "Keith Penner Photography"




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